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07 August 2020


This company provides products and solutions for visual communication in video/voice over IP, 3G/UMTS , IMS and unified messaging areas ; it engineers and develops appliances and software endpoints for enterprise-grade video conferencing on converged networks and for IMS PC-TO-3G video telephony.

Aztek Technology System Engineering organizations provide technical leadership for the development of the Company's satellite-based, terrestrial telecommunications, and scientific systems.

Systems Engineering is the key to successful design, manufacturing and installation of our projects. Aztek Technologies' engineers are among the best in the industry at balancing risk with technical ingenuity to provide low-risk, high-value design innovations that solve complex technical problems and provide an unprecedented level of capability to our customers.

In addition to innovative systems design and analysis, Aztek Technologies' systems engineers provide engineering support to Manufacturing, R&D and Procurement. They develop high quality, user-friendly and accurate systems documentation, test procedures and training manuals and supervise systems assembly and verification of system performance. Systems engineers also coordinate and supervise on-site systems integration and commissioning.