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07 August 2020

Aztek Services

Our engineers plan and execute entire deployment strategies from start to finish. Focussing on our customers’ exact requirements, we identify goals, define the migration process, schedule and design a comprehensive system integration and test program. Preceeding this process will be a pre-contract site survey, to determine, in close cooperation with a customer’s technical and operational staff, the best design strategy. At PALS we adhere to strict process management. As an ISO 9001:2000 certified company we continuously strive to optimise all tasks relevant to our final products or services, including design, development, production, inspection and management. We monitor all process stages before our products leave the company and after, offering a dedicated after sales service to handle product maintenance. This after sales service, of course, covers our so called Return Material Authorization (RMA) but also involves a training and maintenance program aimed to instruct and allow our customers to become more acquainted with the equipment and carry out initial troubleshooting. By using our Return Material Authorization products can be returned for servicing or replaced when faulty. With us, you are in good hands. From first encounter to final delivery and beyond.